Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DEA) is an internationally-recognised voluntary program designed to encourage young people aged 14-25 to participate in a number of activities (volunteering, physical recreation, skills, adventurous journeys and a residential component) over a set length of time.

There are three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. More information is available at www.dukeofed.com.au.

You can participate in DEA through the AAFC, your school and numerous independent youth organisations. 322SQN has a long history of participating in DEA, with over a quarter of our cadets currently completing Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

Interested in joining? Have a read of the Frequently Asked Questions below to answer your initial questions.

Already enrolled? Check how you are progressing and come see the Squadron Coordinators if you are getting close to finishing so we can help you get your award submission processed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When can I join? You have to be 14 years old to commence at the Bronze level, 15 years to commence Silver and 16 years to commenced Gold.

What is the cost? There is a small cost involved with the DEA. Contact a Squadron DEA Coordinator for more information.

How do you sign up to join DEA? New participants enrol and complete their award via the DEA website. If you wish to register through the AAFC, visit the DEA website www.dukeofed.com.au, click Online Record Book (ORB), and click Login/Register. Register as an Award Participant, selecting AAFC as the Operating Authority and 3WGAAFC (NSW) as the award unit. You'll need to pay the DEA fee to commence before the enrolment process is complete.

I'm enrolled through school and I want to complete one section through the AAFC. Is this possible? Yes. If you have a paper book, fill in the relevant section and bring it in to the Squadron for sign-off. If you are using the ORB, then speak to a Squadron DEA Coordinator to advise about who can assess you at the Squadron.

Does the Squadron undertake any activities that meet the requirements for adventurous journeys? Yes – bivouacs and DEA Expeditions are run by 322SQN as well as 3WG. Additionally, there are numerous other activities at WG level that can meet the requirements (e.g. Adventure Training Award). The Squadron has two bivouacs per year; DEA Expeditions are dependent on cadets wanting to participate, so get on CadetOne and apply now or speak to the DEA Coordinators about planning one!

Who are the DEA Coordinators at 322SQNAAFC? LACW(AAFC) F Jepsen

Want more information? Check out the Participant Handbook.