Our Staff

2018 Staff Photo

322 (City of Ryde) Squadron Staff as at December 2018

Back Row L-R: CUO Zachary Comfort, Mr Sean Lewis, CWOFF Hayden Thompson, LAC(AAFC) Kieren Thompson, LAC(AAFC) Jacob Baskerville, LAC(AAFC) Michael Graziano, Mr Andrew McIntyre, CUO Max Cowan, LACW(AAFC) Amanda Easton, CUO Christie Norris, CWOFF Josephine Tran

Front Row L-R: CPL(AAFC) Jack Hampton, CPL(AAFC) Nigel Baker, FSGT(AAFC) Martin Mane, FLTLT(AAFC) Sharon Lim, SQNLDR(AAFC) Merridy Thompson, FLTLT(AAFC) Louis Parfait, CPL(AAFC) Matthew Awkar, SGT(AAFC) Taylor McKertich, LACW(AAFC) Jessica Mane


Flight Lieutenant (AAFC) Louis Parfait - Commanding Officer

A graduate of Macquarie University (B.B.A, LL.B), Louis commenced his AAFC service with 322 Squadron in 2004. He completed the Cadet Under Officer Course in 2008, achieving first place, and remained at the Squadron until the end of his cadet service. Louis returned to 322 Squadron as a Leading Aircraftman (AAFC) in 2010 and was promoted to his current rank of Flight Lieutenant (AAFC) in 2018. In 2017, he received an Officer Commanding Commendation for his contribution to 3 Wing's 75th Anniversary events.

Louis has a strong passion for instructional technique, training and cadet development. He is currently employed in the NSW public sector.


Flight Lieutenant (AAFC) Sharon Lim - Executive Officer, Unit Safety Advisor

A graduate of the University of Western Sydney (B.Bus (Info Sys)), Sharon commenced her cadet career in 1982 at No. 27 Flight Mascot. She achieved the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer, and at the completion of her cadet service she was appointed as an Aircraftwoman (AIRTC). After achieving Corporal (AIRTC), she became a Pilot Officer (AIRTC) in 1994.

After 27 Flight merged with 24 Flight, Sharon became the Flight Commander of 24 Flight (later Commanding Officer of 324SQN AAFC), fulfilling this role for six years. She has experience in a wide variety of roles in Wing and National Headquarters Level. In 2014, she was awarded an Australia Day Medallion.

Sharon is currently an analyst for Dynatrace. She brings to the Squadron a flair for Instructional Technique, knowledge of computers and extensive AAFC experience.


Pilot Officer (AAFC) Martin Mane - Administration Officer

Martin joined 322 (City of Ryde) Squadron in March 2002 and progressed through the ranks to become a Cadet Under Officer in 2006. After terminating as a cadet when he reached the age of 20, he re-joined the organisation in 2008 as an instructor to give back and help develop the youth of Australia. Martin has held numerous positions within the Squadron including Training Operations Officer, Webmaster, Personnel Officer, Squadron Executive Instructor and Squadron Supply Officer. He has also held appointments as 3 Wing Cadet Reference Group Chairman and in the national public relations team.

Martin works as an Assistant Commissioner at the Australian Taxation Office. 


Pilot Officer (AAFC) Taylor McKertich - Training Officer

Joining 322 Squadron as a cadet during the 1/04 Recruit Intake, Taylor stayed with the unit until 2009, terminating due to reaching his 20th birthday with the rank of Cadet Under Officer. During his cadet service, he was awarded Dux of Proficiency Stage in 2006, Most Improved Cadet in 2007 and the Top Gun Award in 2008. After completing Advanced Stage, he was appointed as Cadet Administration Officer, and later Cadet Personnel Officer. As a cadet, Taylor enjoyed many of the activities the Squadron had to offer, especially bivouacs, most notably as Cadet Bivouac Commander.

Taylor re-joined 322 Squadron in 2012, appointed at the rank of Leading Aircraftman (AAFC). Prior to being appointed to the role of Training Officer, he has served as the Squadron Supply Officer, Squadron Executive Instructor and Training Operations Officer. He was promoted to his current rank of Pilot Officer (AAFC) in 2020. A graduate of the University of New South Wales (BSc) and the University of Sydney (GradCertE, MPE), Taylor currently works at Endress+Hauser Group as Industry Manager - Mining.


Flight Sergeant (AAFC) Paula Morris - Squadron Supply Officer

Paula commenced her AAFC service with 336 Squadron Richmond in 2006, before transferring to 322 Squadron in 2007. At the end of 2007 she was awarded the 10 Squadron Encouragement Award to acknowledge her continuous efforts to achieve in the AAFC. In 2010 Paula achieved dux of her Cadet Warrant Officer Course and completed the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Her cadet service concluded in 2011.

Paula returned as an instructor in 2012 and was promoted to her current rank of Flight Sergeant (AAFC) in 2020. Paula has a strong passion for instructional technique, fieldcraft, training and cadet development.


Sergeant (AAFC) Nigel Baker - Public Relations & Special Projects

Nigel enrolled as a cadet at 322 Squadron in 2007 and went on to achieve third place in the Cadet Warrant Officer Course in 2012. He remained at the Squadron until the compulsory termination age of 20 in 2013. In 2014, Nigel returned as a civilian instructor. He was appointed as a Leading Aircraftman (AAFC) in 2015 and promoted to Sergeant (AAFC) in 2020. He has previously been the Duke of Edinburgh Award Co-ordinator and Personnel Officer.

Nigel graduated from the University of New South Wales in 2016, achieving First Class Honours in a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Civil Engineering. He is currently a Geotechnical Engineer at AECOM.


Corporal (AAFC) Jack Hampton - Instructor

Jack commenced his service with the AAFC at 318 Squadron Sutherland Shire in 2008 and went on to achieve the rank of Cadet Under Officer in 2013. During his time at 318 Squadron, Jack was awarded the Most ‘Airmanlike’ Cadet award in 2009 and the Best Cadet Instructor award in 2012. As a Cadet Under Officer, Jack was appointed as 318 Squadron's Chief Instructor and served in that role until reaching the compulsory termination age of 20 in late 2013.

Jack returned to the AAFC in 2014 being appointed to 322 Squadron as a Leading Aircraftman (AAFC), acting in the role of Squadron Executive Instructor and Firearm Quality Manager. He was promoted to Corporal (AAFC) in 2016.

Jack is a graduate of the University of Wollongong (BCom) and works for the Hon. Scott Morrison MP - Prime Minister of Australia and Federal Member for Cook.


Corporal (AAFC) Matthew Awkar - Training Operations, Development Operations

Matthew commenced his AAFC training with 322 Squadron in 2009. He received the Leadership Award on his Cadet Warrant Officer’s promotion course in 2014 due to his proactive and driven qualities that have led him to develop a passion for leadership, drill, and aviation.

In 2016, Matthew returned as a Leading Aircraftman (AAFC) and served as the Squadron Executive Instructor. He was promoted to the rank of Corporal (AAFC) in 2018.

Matthew has studied a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Interactivity and Games at Macquarie University.


Corporal (AAFC) Jessica Mane - Home Training Officer

Jessica joined the AAFC in 2014 as a civilian staff member. She initially worked in the Public Relations cell before moving to the Personnel cell in 2015, assisting with the large number of cadets interested in joining the Squadron. In December 2015, Jessica was appointed as an Aircraftwoman (AAFC), and was promoted to Corporal (AAFC) in 2019.

Outside of the AAFC, Jessica has completed a Bachelor of Design at the Whitehouse Institute of Design.


Corporal (AAFC) Amanda Easton - Personnel Officer


Corporal (AAFC) Kieren Thompson - Training Operations

Kieren commenced his AAFC service in 2012. His experience was filled with learning his passion in teaching fieldcraft and survival as well as rising up the ranks within his time at 322 Squadron. His passion in fieldcraft also led to his dedication to abseiling, attending several camps and quickly moving onto more difficult courses and equipment. Kieren was recognised as Cadet Instructor of the Year in 2015 and Most Outstanding Cadet in 2017. He was the recipient of a Premier's Volunteer Recognition Program certificate as part of his involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Kieren's cadet service concluded upon reaching the compulsory termination age of 20, and he returned as an instructor at the rank of Leading Aircraftman (AAFC) in 2018.

Outside of the AAFC, Kieren has completed studies in graphic design at Torrens University Australia.


Corporal (AAFC) Hayden Thompson - Squadron Executive Instructor


Leading Aircraftwoman (AAFC) Francine Jepsen - Duke of Edinburgh Award Coordinator


Leading Aircraftwoman (AAFC) Emilee Collins - Assistant Personnel Officer


Leading Aircraftwoman (AAFC) Genevieve Firmer - Assistant Home Training Officer


Mr Andrew McIntyre - Assistant Administration Officer

Andrew joined 322 Squadron in 2004 achieving the rank of Cadet Sergeant. He served as a cadet for six years, terminating when he reached the compulsory termination age of 20 in 2009. He returned as a civilian staff member in 2010 and is appointed as the Assistant Administration Officer.

Andrew was awarded a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) First Class Honours and Bachelor of Commerce in International Business from the University of New South Wales in 2013. He is a keen photographer in his spare time.


Mr Joel Newton - Assistant Administration Officer