Former Staff

Mrs Anne Hughes

Mrs Hughes joined the AAFC in 2014 and transferred from 307 Squadron to 322 Squadron at the end of 2015 and worked as a civilian staff member setting up and running the canteen at 322 Squadron. She left 322 Squadron in 2017.


Able Seaman Samuel Richards 

Sam commenced his time with the AAFC in March 2007 where he achieved the rank of CCPL and instructed aviation until he terminated in 2011. In 2013 after the completion of his HSC studies, Sam joined the Royal Australian Navy as Marine Technician and graduated from the Navy engineering school in mid-2014. He has since worked in Sydney and Perth and was posted to the ANZAC frigate HMAS Warramumga.

Sam returned to the AAFC in 2015 and is currently an instructor of Aviation. In his spare time, Sam plays drums, basketball and has a strong passion for motor bikes.


Leading Aircraftman (AAFC) Matthew Williams

Matthew commenced his AAFC service with 305 Squadron in 2006 and completed the Cadet Under Officer Course in January 2010. During his final year, he was appointed as 3 Wing Chairman of the Wing Cadet Reference Group and also represented the organisation in Hong Kong as part of the IACE program.

Matt spent some time away from the organisation to pursue aviation. Completing Dual Diplomas of Aviation and took up a role as a Flight Instructor in South East Queensland where he re-joined the AAFC with 223 Squadron as a Civilian Instructor. Upon moving back to Sydney to study the Airline Transport Pilots Licence, he transferred to 322 Squadron.

At the end of 2016, Matt accepted a position as a Flight Instructor and Charter Pilot in Dubbo. He remains in 3WG with a transfer to 313SQN as the Home Training Officer as well as assuming the role of Diversity & Inclusion Programs Officer with Diversity Directorate in HQAAFC. 


Miss Lilliani Tahaafe-Williams

Commencing the AAFC in 2010 Lilliani found the youth development organisation contributed largely to an improvement of her work ethic and confidence in public speaking. In 2011 she was awarded with the Most Improved Cadet award and in 2014 and had the honour of receiving the SGT(AAFC) Gordon Mercovich Memorial Shield For Leadership award during her SNCO promotion course in 2014. Later that year she was given the Cadet Instructor of the Year award. Lilliani went on to achieve the rank of cadet Under Officer before leaving when she reached the retirement age of 20.  The majority of her time as a cadet was spent as the Assistant Personnel Officer and briefly Personnel Officer.

Outside of the AAFC she is a graduate from the Australian Catholic University (Strathfield Campus) with a degree in International Development. The latter half of 2016 Lilliani moved to Switzerland Geneva to commence a Masters in Anthropology & Sociology of Development with the Graduate Institute of Geneva.


Leading Aircraftman (AAFC) Ryan Jameson

Ryan began his cadet service at 322 Squadron in 2004. He completed the Cadet Under Officer course in 2008, achieving the 2SD Detachment D Award for Leadership and Second Place overall. Ryan was selected to lead the 3WG AAFC 70th Anniversary Parade in 2011 and received an OC’s Commendation.

Ryan returned to 322 Squadron as a Leading Aircraftman (AAFC) in 2013 as he believed it was a place with unique opportunities, especially in the teaching field. In 2014, he graduated from he University of Western Sydney with an Arts/Law degree (BA/LLB(Hons)) and is now working at Allens. His interests include music and soccer. He departed after September 2015.

Corporal (AAFC) Rebecca Davidson

Rebecca commenced her AAFC training with 322 Squadron in 2001. She received a Flight Commander’s Award for showing impressive service, dedication and loyalty regardless of rank and position, in 2004. She then completed the Cadet Under Officer Course in January 2005 and remained at 322 Squadron until the end of her cadet service in 2007. Rebecca returned to the Squadron as an instructor and was promoted to Corporal (AAFC) in 2012.

Rebecca is currently employed at B Braun Australia as the Loan Services Stock Controller, and recently married CPL Rohan Davidson of the Royal Australian Air Force


Leading Aircraftwoman (AAFC) Stephanie Parker

Stephanie commenced her AAFC service with 322 Squadron in 2005. She completed the Cadet Warrant Officer course in 2008, coming second on course. In 2008, Stephanie received the Flight Commander's Award and Cadet Instructor of the Year award. She also led the Squadron drill team to winning first place at the annual 3 Wing Competition, an achievement that had long eluded the Squadron. Stephanie reached compulsory cadet termination age in May 2009 and has since returned to 322 Squadron as a civilian instructor. Stephanie was appointed as an LACW(AAFC) in 2010.

Stephanie has a passion for flying and has helped further 322 Squadron in its knowledge of piloting. Stephanie is currently completing an Advanced Diploma of Aviation at Sydney Aviators. She left the AAFC in October 2012.


Pilot Officer (AAFC) Sebastian Gadomski

A graduate of the Queensland University of Technology, Sebastian commenced his AAFC service with No 2 Flight (now 202 Squadron) in 2001. He achieved the rank of Cadet Under Officer in 2005. During his time as a cadet, Sebastian was awarded the 202SQN Cadet of the Year trophy and an award for Outstanding Service to the Squadron. He remained at the Squadron until he reached the compulsory cadet termination age in July 2008. In April 2009 he was appointed as an LAC(AAFC) and later promoted to PLTOFF(AAFC) in December. Sebastian transferred to 322 Squadron in April 2010.

Sebastian spent five months working with Boeing Defence Australia on the F-111 program and has also been the project manager and flight control systems designer for QUT's first space UAV autopilot. Sebastian currently works for CAE Australia as a Flight Simulation Software Engineer, mainly working on Australian Defence Force full flight simulators. He left the Squadron due to work commitments overseas. He left the AAFC in Feburary 2012. 


Corporal (AAFC) Brendan Scholfield

Brendan commenced his AAFC service with 322 Squadron in 2002. He completed the Cadet Warrant Officer course in July 2006 and remained at 322 Squadron until the end of his cadet service in March 2008. In June 2008 Brendan was appointed as an LAC(AAFC) in the position of Public Affairs and Communications Operations in Headquarters AAFC, before returning to 322 Squadron in 2009. Brendan was promoted to CPL(AAFC) in July 2010 and was appointed as Squadron Warrant Officer.

Brendan has a flair for aircraft recognition and drill and ceremonial. Brendan led many drill teams as a CWOFF and has taught many more as a CPL(AAFC). He was employed by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions working in Finance and Office Services. He left the AAFC in February 2012 to join the ADF.


Warrant Officer (AAFC) Gregg Odlum

A graduate of the University of Newcastle (BMGMT), Gregg commenced his AAFC service with No 22 Flight ‘City of Ryde’ (now 322 Squadron) and reached the rank of Cadet Under Officer. He was appointed as an LAC(AAFC) at the end of his cadet service and appointed as an instructor with 322 Squadron in 2003. In 2007 Gregg was appointed as Wing Warrant Officer for 3 Wing AAFC and promoted to WOFF(AAFC).

Gregg has a great skill with administration and computers and a strong interest in leadership, team building and motivational techniques. Gregg currently works as Receivables Manager, Finance and Administration for Ecolab. He left the AAFC in December 2011.


Corporal (AAFC) Amy Odlum

Amy commenced her AAFC service with No 22 Flight ‘City of Ryde’ (now 322 Squadron) in 1999. She completed the Cadet Under Officer Course in 2003, and remained at 322 Squadron until the end of her cadet service in 2005. Amy was appointed as an LACW(AAFC) in 2006. She was promoted to CPL(AAFC) in 2009.

Amy fulfilled the role of Home Training Officer, utilising her planning and training skills within the organisation. Amy has a strong passion for instructional technique, passing on her skills to develop the abilities of the cadet ranks. Amy has studied a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education at Macquarie University. She left the AAFC in December 2011.


Corporal (AAFC) Gregory Neal

Greg commenced his AAFC service with No 22 Flight ‘City of Ryde’ (now 322 Squadron) in 1993. He was awarded the 2SD Leadership Award at the completion of his Cadet Under Officer course in 1997 and remained at 22 Flight until the end of his cadet service in 1999. Greg returned to the AAFC as an instructor in 2006, appointed at the rank of LAC(AAFC). He was promoted to CPL(AAFC) in 2009.

Greg brought to the Squadron a strong and devoted interest to cadet training and development, along with a passion for aviation since obtaining his pilot’s license at the age of 18. Greg currently works as an Account Manager, Contract Logistics for DHL. He left the Squadron in March 2011.


Corporal (AAFC) Kieran Moriarty

A Corrective Services Officer based at Mulawa Women’s Prison, Kieran began his cadet career at No 23 Flight St Mary’s (now 323 Squadron) in 1991. At the end of 1991, Kieran transferred to No 28 Flight Bathurst (now 328 Squadron) and reached the rank of Cadet Sergeant.

After spending 6 years in the Army Reserves and reaching the rank of Lance Corporal, Kieran returned to 328 SQN, in 2001 and was appointed as a CPL(AAFC). In May 2003 Kieran transferred from 328 Squadron​, to 322 Squadron. Kieran has a strong interest in Fieldcraft, and brings invaluable skills to the Squadron with his Army Reserve training. He left in February 2009.


Leading Aircraftman (AAFC) Timothy Lowther

Timothy commenced his AAFC service at No 22 ‘City of Ryde’ Flight (now 322 Squadron) in September 2000. During his time as a cadet he was an exceptional ambassador for the AAFC, representing 322 Squadron on many occasions, most notably, at multiple Wing and National shooting competitions and also at the 2003 International Air Cadet Exchange in Queensland.

Timothy was appointment as an instructor to No 322 Squadron in June 2004 as the Personnel Officer, and hopes to continue in a teaching role, developing cadets skills in the area of fieldcraft and firearms training. Tim worked at Harvey Norman, while awaiting appointment to the RAAF. Tim brings to the Squadron a flare for fieldcraft and firearms training. He left the AAFC in May 2006 to join the ADF. He rejoined the AAFC in July 2008 as a PLTOFF(AAFC) at HQ AAFC and was promoted to SQNLDR(AAFC) in 2011 when he was appointed Deputy Director Operations. He currently is appointed Staff Officer Operational Development at OPSD. 


Pilot Officer (AAFC) Warren Whitehorn

A spare parts salesman for a successful car dealership, Warren was appointed as PLTOFF(AAFC) in September 2001, in the capacity of the 3 Wing Warehouse Officer.  Warren commenced his ATC service with No 27 Flight at The Rocks, Sydney (no longer existing) and reached the rank of Leading Cadet.  Warren began his association with No 22 Flight ‘City of Ryde’ (now 322 Squadron) when his oldest daughter began parading.

In June 2003, Warren transferred to 322 SQN “City of Ryde’. Warren brings to the Squadron a skill in the logistics, an interest in fieldcraft and influence for cadet welfare. He was the president of 322 Squadron Parent and Friends Association and the Critical Incident Management Delegate. Warren has two teenage daughters.  He left the AAFC in December 2005.


Aircraftwoman (AAFC) Kerry Ryan

After being a member of the British ATC for five years, Kerry moved to Australia in 1999. She is currently working at the child support agency. Appointed as an Aircraftwoman in June 2004 at 322 Squadron. Kerry was an enthusiastic worker and brought a flair for Administration. She left the AAFC in July 2005.


Corporal (AAFC) Ryan Jones

Ryan commenced his AAFC service with No 5 Flight Collaroy (now 305 Squadron) and reached the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer, having graduated from the 1/97 WOFF Course being awarded the Colin Gilbertson Award for Dux of Course. Appointed as an LAC (AIRTC) at the end of his cadet service, Ryan continued to parade at 305 Squadron until September 2001 when he transferred to 322 Squadron ‘City of Ryde’.

Ryan brought to the Squadron a much-needed skill in the areas of drill, dress and discipline with a special interest in Fieldcraft. He left the AAFC in March 2004 to join the ADF. He rejoined the AAFC in 2008 to 308 Squadron and is currently at 323 Squadron.


​Corporal (AAFC) Renato Cillero

A graduate of University of Western Sydney (BTM(INC)), Renato commenced his AAFC service with No 7 Flight ‘City of Bankstown’ (now 307 Squadron) and reached the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer.  Renato also held the position of Band Major of the NSW Squadron band for a two-year period. Appointed as an LAC (AIRTC) at the end of his cadet service, he continued to parade at 7FLT until 1998 when he transferred to 22 Flight ‘City of Ryde’ (now 322 Squadron). 

Currently a member of the NSW Police service presently stationed at Police Headquarters in Sydney, he filled a secondary appointment as Wing Photographer from 1998.  Renato brought to the Squadron previous Army Reserve training and a strong interest in teaching and learning. Renato is married with one daughter. He left the AAFC in Feburary 2004.


Flying Officer (AAFC) Michael Forbes