Cadet Achievements

Crossed Rifles Qualification

Congratulations to LCDT Veronica Nicolich on receiving her crossed rifles badge for marksmanship. Veronica achieved a score of 85% at the 3 Wing Firearms Competition on 11 June 2017 and is the first 322SQN cadet in many years to be awarded this badge.


Cadet Of The Year (COTY) Award

The Governor's Sword of Honour for Excellence, awarded to the COTY, was awarded by the DGCADETS-AF, AIRCDRE Terrence Delahunty AM, during the Air Force Trophy Parade on Sunday 11 Jun 17.

CUO Max Cowan was one of the Metro Squadron regional winners as a finalist for this award.


Tier 1 Air Force Sponsored (AFS) Flying Scholarship

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Recipients of the Powered and Gliding Air Force Flying Scholarships. Powered Scholarships are to the value of $3500.00/cadet and Gliding Scholarships are $1500.00/cadet.

  • LCDT Alexander Vorstermans - Gliding
  • CCPL Steve Turnbull - Powered


Awarding Of Musicians Badges

The following cadets have qualified for the AAFC Musicians Badge:

  • LCDT Alexander Vorstermans
  • CCPL Rhys Hughes
  • LCDT Ininka Gholkar
  • LCDT Richard Mo
  • LCDT Eleanor Rochae
  • CDT Zac Saric


Officer Commanding Commendation

Congratulations to LCDT Richard Mo, who in February 2017 received an Officer Commanding Commendation in recognition of his exemplary performance in leading the 3WG Band as Band Major during the 75th Anniversary Freedom of the City of Sydney Parade.


Duke Of Edinburgh's International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is available to all 14-25 year olds, regardless of their background. The award is comprised of three levels each progressively more challenging. Participants are required to complete four sections at each level: Service, Skill, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey. Gold level participants also complete a Residential Project.


  • Silver Award Febuary 2018: Berke Yanmaz
  • Bronze Award October 2017: Reynard Selke
  • Bronze Award December 2016: Hayden Thompson and Grace Papworth


NSW Government Premier's Volunteer Recognition Award

NSW Government Premier’s Volunteer Recognition program for students aged up to 16 years or end of year 11. Presented in recognition and appreciation of your contribution to the community and the future of NSW:

  • November 2015: Kieren Thompson
  • December 2016: Grace Papworth, Gaurav Gholkar, Veronica Nicolich, Chris Davis, Angela Maeng, Reynard Seike, Lauren Strickland, Berke Yanmaz, Nigel Baker